Cheesecloth Calico Mermerşah Kaputbez

Calico: Hasse, known as the fabric, plain woven, bleached, light-weight, in lingerie and processing (dowry) is a cotton fabric used to make. According to the type of finish can be applied to soft or alive frugal. Very thin calico işlemelik in 60-80 What weft, 1 cm; the frequency of 84-140 wire, 56-66 What warp, available in 80-100 wire frequency of 1 cm. In calico woven for daily use, 20-30 What are the warp and weft of calico woven wire frequency of 1 in 20-36 cm.

1Mermerşah for: muslin-like, but more often woven fabric is bleached and soft handle. Usually yarn Ne 30/1, 1 cm in 23-25 wire warp, weft wire at 1 cm and about 16-18 80-85g / m2 tap weight.

Kaputbez: This fabric is known as the American cloth, plain organization, carded yarn and woven bleaching (whitening) is a fabric that does not apply. Usually 12 / 1-16 / 1 What is the frequency of warp yarns 15-20 at 1 cm from the wire, woven into the weft wires 15-16.

Cheesecloth: It is rare woven lightweight and soft cloth. Covers can be used as packaging, and is used as a lining. 30-36 8-17 wire touches on what frequency of 1 cm from the yarn.

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