What Textiles

What Textiles

Textiles, various methods from all kinds of textile fibers uygularak (woven, knitted and nonwoven acquisition methods) can be defined as the art of obtaining surface. Clothing is one of the three most important since the creation of humankind needs (clothing, food, shelter), that is coeval with mankind. 2Textile is a scientist with a very wide range of applications. Animal, vegetable or synthetic origin fibers are the main use of the product. Everything that can be worn, some decorations and all kinds of accessories is also into manufacturing areas. Sector which is one of Turkey’s most important and most often employed. Textiles, is derived from Latin and means texere a concept woven and knitted fabric zones.

Textile concept of textile fibers, textile products and by-products and covers goods obtained by using them. These surfaces are produced using clothing (ie, textile goods) the person is born from the need to protect against weather conditions to himself. First, for this purpose; animal skins, seals; After the development of the spinning technique with the aid of the fiber obtained were used for knitting and weaving. On the other hand clothes is a branding element next to the body of social protection function, people are making in their social status by using different outfits. The social function of the garment dye before the weaving process and moved further forward after the use. After this stage, the yarn and the surface formation of advanced techniques; for example, patterned fabrics, knits, woven and non-woven surface have been developed.

1Textile finishing processes have been advanced (fabric printing, such as flocking) has developed intelligent and technical textile production. Textile words from Western languages, while only mean fabric, these terms in Turkish gained much wider meanings. Divided into two main categories. Garments and home textiles. Apparel, dealing with clothing and textile industry which produces it for products. Home textiles, is part dealing with the production of textile products used in the home. These products are curtains, bed sheets, duvet covers, is composed of all kinds of products, such as linen and towels. Ready to wear casual wear and accessories to meet the needs of the people, underwear, outerwear, summer, winter can be divided into as many sub-branches.

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